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Some comments from Janie's students.....

Leigh Parkin
Lost Mesa Studios
Tucson, AZ:
I have been a student most of my life and like most of us I’ve had a few teachers who have changed my life. Janie is one of those rare few. She took me from having a curiosity about art to being passionate about it. She not only taught me how to draw but how to "see". I learned technique and creativity and she encouraged me to experiment. What a freedom!
As an instructor she’s fun and funny and an amazing artist. Tie all that up with being a wonderful teacher and you have the whole package.
I have referred many friends to her and they have all learned more than they ever thought possible. It’s because her teaching style takes you through a very logical process while supporting and encouraging your efforts. She amazingly, taught me the most difficult thing of all---The confidence to actually say the words "I am an Artist"
Thanks, Janie.

Rob Anspatch
Dayton, OH:
"... I came across a listing for a book on Amazon that was written by Janie Gildow, my high school art teacher. I hadn’t seen Ms. Gildow since I graduated from Covington in 1989. Her site used her signature which confirmed it was her even before I found the photo. Digging a bit deeper I came across contact info..." (Read more)

Bobbi Hamilton
Friday Harbor, WA:
Janie's teaching style reaches a wide range of people because she has the gift of meeting her students where they are working at the time. She will point out and build on your strengths and suggest ways to deal with your weaknesses. She makes magical suggestions that are very individualized. Many teachers just want you to learn to do what that teacher does---- that is fine as far as it goes, but to find such a gifted teacher as Janie who draws on her knowledge to challenge you to go places you have never been before, makes a workshop an adventure. I really highly recommend her DVDs also----- I watch mine on a regular basis and always seem to pick up something new. You have the feeling you are the only student there and you can really see in detail how she holds the pencil, what the point looks like etc. Janie's other major asset is her wonderful open friendly personality and puckish sense of humor. You go to one of her classes or workshops to learn and be stimulated and you are; but you also come away with a new friend---- which is priceless at any time of life. After taking her workshops and getting some personal help from Janie via the net on my Eggplant drawing---- I took a chance and put it into the CPSA International Exhibition in Seattle this year----- and it is to Janie's credit that I got juried in!!!

Thanks Janie-----you rock.!

Gale Sherman
Tucson, AZ:
"I had a few other drawing teachers before I started taking class from Janie, but I never connected with them as I have with her. Not only is she an accomplished artist, but she is an excellent teacher. Janie is very organized (giving the BEST power point presentations and handouts) followed by appropriate exercises. To top it off, she is able to meet the varying needs of students—from the least experienced to the most advanced. She gives positive feedback, nurturing and nudging each individual student. Janie has not only taught me to produce fine technical pieces, but has also encouraged me to think and create "outside the box." How much have I learned from Janie? I've taken 9 different classes (and repeated 2... by choice) in 4 years"

Maryann Kot
Tucson, AZ
"Why do I attend as many of Janie's colored pencil classes as I can--even though I have attended all the required classes at the Desert Museum to enable me to get my Nature Illustration Certificate? Beside the obvious, Janie's abundant knowledge of colored pencil and her positive way of teaching it, I walk away from each session feeling good about my accomplishments and what I have learned in class and can't wait to get started on the next colored pencil project I have planned.

The last day of each session is the most inspiring. Janie has students 'show and tell' the work done during the classes. It is a good time to interact with the other students you have been working with. It is always a positive experience with Janie leading the way with comments about good composition, tonal quality, color layering, etc. Then the class gets a chance to point out their favorite drawing or part of a drawing. Everyone leaves the class feeling good about what they have experienced in the class.

I am looking forward to the next class I am able to take with Janie."

Fred North:
"Janie Gildow's enthusiasm for colored pencil artistry was contagious. In her teaching she nurtures her students allowing each one to work at developing his/her latent talent."

Jean A. Becker:
"Janie's superb artistic talent is very much admired by her students and fellow artists. What I also found to be true is that she is a wonderful teacher! Janie was able to simplify, clarify and demonstrate techniques and concepts that definitely helped me to enjoy my drawing. Janie has a great "wit" and she's not afraid to use it, but, most importantly, she is patient, helpful and understands the best ways to encourage her students. I am fortunate to be one of her students."

Mary Moore M. Ritchie
Linville Falls, NC:
"Janie is the best prepared instructor as evidenced by her outstanding PowerPoint presentations. It is obvious she puts a lot of time and effort in planning the curriculum for her classes. I have attended three different classes over the last several years and treasure each one. I must mention she adds a lot of humor to the class as well."

Mary Laigast
New Orleans, LA:
"I found Janie Gildow through a workshop advertisement in a national art magazine for Colored Pencil: Feathers and Beyond. Although I live in another state, I attended the workshop and I’m so glad I did! I continue to come in for her classes and I’m never disappointed. No matter what your level, Janie provides you with the guidelines needed to develop your skills."

Delores Scott
Tucson, AZ:
"Janie really knows her stuff!! What I have learned from her classes has been quite an enjoyable experience. It has made quite a difference in how I’m using my pencils and the results I’m seeing with my drawings. Thank you! "

Adrienne Hughes
Tucson, AZ:
"I was truly a beginner when I took my first class from Janie—I was hooked! Now I am gaining confidence and can’t wait for my next project to begin. Thanks, Janie, you are a miracle worker."

Kare Williams
Tucson, AZ:
"Janie Gildow has a wealth of knowledge and conveys it with clarity and passion. Her teaching not only educates but inspires."

Karen Siefert
Green Valley, AZ:
"Such an enjoyable class! I am able to move at my pace while absorbing and learning so many things!"

Nan Nasser
Tucson, AZ:
"Janie Gildow is an accomplished artist and excellent instructor. She is supportive and encouraging while offering constructive criticism—classes are fun! A great experience."

Nan Margdant
Cortaro, AZ:
"Great classes—Colored Pencil 1 and 2. I learned so much—now I just need to practice—practice—practice. Thank you for all your slide presentations, demonstrations and handouts. I love your books!"

Rebecca Mauldin
Tucson, AZ:
"An accomplished artist in colored pencil, Janie is an inspirational teacher as well as a published and nationally known author."

Shari Cavanaugh
Wilsonvile, OR & Tucson, AZ:
"Janie—you are truly an inspiration—such a talented artist who is willing to share her talent, inspiration, and secrets with us. A very enjoyable class."